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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OCD and Nutrition

We are glad that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is getting some attention in the mainstream media.
OC87 - The Movie

However, we think the public would benefit from the inclusion of material on nutritional correction of OCD.
Nutrition for OCD

Charles Gant, MD - End Your Addiction Now

Dr. Charles Gant  writes,
"I specialize in molecular health and healing, especially as it supports psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery from problems such as AD/HD, autism, mood problems, addictions, food and carbohydrate compulsions and nicotine dependence.
Most people believe that their psychological well-being has little to do with the molecules in their body.  However, a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence has amassed suggesting that one’s molecular status is the most important factor in causing symptoms such as mood instability, substance and alcohol cravings and inattentiveness,and that it can be altered by 3 kinds of interventions: nutritional restoration, detoxification and hormonal balancing.
Like a weight lifter who takes vitamins and goes into the gym to pump iron, efforts directed at enhancing attentiveness and mindfulness is the "iron pumping" part of psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery.  A successful body builder must have both parts, good nutrition and exercise.  The same is true for psychospiritual growth and mental health recovery, because the brain is an organ just like the muscles.  Good nutrition, detoxification and hormonal balancing, along with mindfulness-directed exercises of the mind/brain get the best results."

Watch the video to learn about Dr. Gant's beliefs of the current status of addictions treatment and what really should be done to effectively overcome an addiction.

 About End Your Addiction Now -
Here is the write up from the publisher about the book:
"Whether it is to alcohol, drugs, smoking, or food, addiction is an overwhelming and destructive force that negatively impacts the lives of those in its grip. While there are programs galore that promise an end to these dependencies, the truth is, far too many “reformed” addicts fall right back into their old habits.
Because powerful biochemical factors override the psychological will to quit.
End Your Addiction Now is a unique book that not only explores the real cause of this recurring problem, but also offers a proven biochemical approach that can break addiction once and for all.
Written in easy-to-understand language, End Your Addiction Now is based upon the extensive research and medical practice of Dr. Charles Gant and other pioneers in the field of orthomolecular medicine. It both guides readers to physicians and facilities that support a biochemical approach to the treatment of substance-use disorders, and provides step-by-step directions for those who want to quit their addictions on their own.
At the heart of Dr. Gant’s approach is a unique “Quick-Start” program of nutritional supplements. After completing a questionnaire to determine which key brain chemical disruptions are causing their substance cravings, moods, and behaviors, readers are given a targeted list of nutritional supplements designed to jump-start their recovery–supplements that help reduce cravings within twenty-four to seventy-two hours.
The book then walks readers through a natural process of detoxification and additional biochemical testing to establish a complete biochemical profile.
Finally, it addresses the specific nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed for a full psychological and spiritual recovery."

Click on the link below to order from Amazon:
End Your Addiction Now: A Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free

Download and read some of Dr. Gant's articles here - free