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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Killing Us Softly: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Physician Mark Donohoe of Australia has generously shared his book on MCS with the world. Download the book here

He writes,
"The story of multiple chemical sensitivities is a difficult one to set in a social context at present. The
understanding is emerging, and the data which seemed to be lacking in the past are now flood-
ing in. I will be satisfied if, after reading my contribution, a reader has his or her faith in regula-
tory bodies, manufacturers and medicine shaken.
Growing up is often a painful experience in which blind faith must be discarded, and in which
we seek the truth for ourselves. The truth, for me, is the people who see me and relate their all too
similar stories day after day. It is not theory, experts, authorities of newspaper stories. I urge and
invite you all to lose your faith, and grow your own knowledge and understanding. Believe noth-
ing I or others say without testing it against your experience. Then, do not doubt the truth you
find, no matter what the “experts” say. "

Dr Mark Donohoe