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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bill C-51: Will the US take over Canada through Vitamin Legislation?

Bill C–51 proposes re–labeling therapeutic products under the umbrella of prescription drugs. This new legislation would limit access to holistic products and impose rigorous approval tests upon alternative therapies already being safely used and sold in stores.
Alarmingly, C–51 also allows federal enforcement agents to raid our homes or business without a warrant, seize bank accounts, levy fines of up to $5 million and enforce jail terms up to two years on anybody it determines has contravened the new Act,” reports the Peanut Mill.
“In effect, that could even be you giving your neighbour herbs from your backyard garden. Your access to products as benign as camomile or vitamin C could, in the current form of Bill C–51, become illegal.”
Early reports suggest that under Bill C–51, approximately three quarters of all natural health products on the market today would not be able to obtain license for sale and therefore disappear from the store shelves. Yearly fees to sell natural health products would put both manufacturers and distributors out of business.

Bill C-51 - why is there a Trojan Horse clause in a vitamin bill? Canadians do not need Vitamin N(AFTA).

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