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Friday, June 20, 2008

UK: Shrink declared plagiarist

Nice Rolex, Dr. Persaud.
The celebrity psychiatrist Raj Persaud was suspended from practising for three months today for passing off other scholars' work as his own.

The doctor, a regular on the television chat show This Morning and BBC Radio 4's All In The Mind, admitted plagiarism but denied his actions were dishonest and liable to bring his profession into disrepute.

A General Medical Council disciplinary hearing ruled that his "dishonest conduct" had undermined public confidence in the profession.

Story here.

We used to expect better from
the BBC.

Psychiatry is based on flawed theories, half-truths and lies; so in the overall picture of its dishonesty, this hardly matters....
If Persaud stole flawed and fraudulent materials, the charges should be different.