Pharmaceuticals Anonymous

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Videos: Derrick Jensen

What Works

waiting alone for some rain
i'm lost in my brain but i cant complain
they saying i'm drifting away
but i dont want to stay
as a structural slave to this claim staked to this snake state
brainwash like backdrop baseline slipping away
i don't know what to say to make myself feel ok to tell my mixed mine you're still not insane
but as we wait for our fate
i hope we want what we gain
and all that i know that i need
is laid out in front of me

well i been blowing my mind
these nights when i write down these rhymes
well i aint buying the lies
said are you a man or a landmine
will you lay low or explode and know that you know what you know you should know right
i just want what works
what works, for me, is just fine.

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