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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pharma Corruption: Greed Kills the Golden Goose

March 5, 2009: Globe and Mail columnist claims there is no Big Pharma conspiracy and that medicine is basically good

Nothing to see here, move along...

March 28, 2009:
Harvard shrinks issued subpoenas

Philip Dawdy of sums it up nicely:
"Controversial Harvard child psychiatrist Joseph Biederman and his colleagues Tim Wilens and Thomas Spencer were named in a federal subpoena yesterday. The trio have all pulled in millions from pharma companies while also doing federally-funded research, a potentially illegal conflict of interest which was allegedly improperly reported. They are all being investigated by their university and NIH.
The subpoena, issued by the US Attorney for Eastern Massachusetts, was served on Fletch Trammel, an attorney representing various states attorneys general and other plaintiffs in cases against pharma companies over pushing antipsychotics for use in children and adults. Apparently, the feds want whatever documents and depositions Trammel has gathered on the three."

Nothing to see, yet, but we hear the crash of distant cash registers, and expect fireworks and a feast of roast goose soon.