Pharmaceuticals Anonymous

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Is chronic illness at the heart of our economic crisis?

Image: Summer, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1573

Simple, eloquent, true.

"We can virtually match the exponential climb in chronic illness with an exponential climb in all-things-industrialized! Our innate genetic requirements for health require purity and sufficiency in the way we eat, move and think, with minimal toxicity and deficiency. How are we doing in these areas in the past 50 years?

We have more toxins in our food and agricultural industry, nutritionally deficient foods, toxic water supply, more fake and processed foods, we move less as a society than ever before, we're fatter than ever, we take far more drugs than ever, we sit in traffic more than ever, we have rampant pollution, we're inundated with an overwhelming amount of stimuli like no other time in our history, we're financially stressed, we spend more time indoors in artificial lighting and temperatures, we use more toxic chemicals on our bodies, on our lawns and in our homes, our relationships are stressed, we've lost a sense of community, we're more rushed... and on and on.

As a culture, we've moved away from what we know creates health and happiness."