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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How LSD leads to mental illness

"The father of Jaycee Lee Dugard's alleged kidnapper said his son was never 'in his right head' since becoming hooked on LSD after a motorcycle crash as a young man.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, 88-year-old Manuel Garrido revealed his son Phillip started to hear voices in his head - even believing that God was talking to him - when he became addic-ted to the hallucinogenic drug.

He said Phillip had been a talented, well-behaved and kind child but everything changed after he started taking LSD after the crash.

Manuel, from Brentwood in northern California, said he felt sorry for Jaycee, but his son could not be held responsible for his actions because the drug had 'killed his brain'.

'He had a motorcycle wreck, and hit his head. He was never the same again.
'He fell in with a bad crowd of Mexicans, started taking LSD, and it f***** him up. He went nuts. He's not in his right head. The little bastard doesn't know what he's doing."

LSD figured heavily in the Merritt case in British Columbia, Canada

We think of Charlie Manson and his "Family" too.
Bugliosi's HELTER SKELTER on Google Books

Dr. Abram Hoffer, a giant of Orthomolecular medicine explains the chemical reasons why LSD and schizophrenia are related. He called this aspect of chemistry the mauve factor or pyrroluria.
This scourge of mental health can be corrected with vitamins:

"The presence of the mauve factor in urine became a valuable indicator to use vitamin B3. Later, when Dr. C. C. Pfeiffer showed that kp bound pyridoxine and zinc and described the syndrome pyroluria, this became another important indicator that vitamin B6 and zinc must be used."

Pyroluria at Nutritional Healing

WHY, we ask, is this condition not routinely screened for and this simple, inexpensive and harmless nutritional treatment offered?