Pharmaceuticals Anonymous

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Stop the MOTHERS Act - Medicating the Unborn

paxil baby90302
Illustration of Paxil birth defect.

Read the Bill here

Despite reports that antidepressants - SSRI drugs - have no more therapeutic worth than placebos, Big Pharma is
aggressively promoting a new law in Congress. The MOTHERS law would attempt to prevent postpartum depression by drugging women with antidepressants while they're pregnant. SSRI drugs have never been approved for use on newborns, yet this Act will drug the unborn and newborns with antidepressants. What effect will this have on their brains? Will they grow up to be school shooters, prone to violent thoughts and behavior? Will they kill themselves in childhood? And what will the effect of loss of freedom and these medications be on the mother?