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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Margot Kidder Battles Stigma

Natural Health article
Margot Kidder's

by Karen Dale Dustman

Margot Kidder made headlines as Lois Lane in the 1979 movie "Superman." In 1996, she hit the news again -- when she was discovered ragged and hungry in the backyard of a stranger's Glendale, Calif., home.

Convinced her former husband, writer Thomas McGuane, and the CIA were out to kill her, Kidder roamed the streets of Los Angeles for 1-1/2 weeks, eventually sharing food and a cardboard shack with a homeless man named Charlie. By the end of her delusional episode, the actress was almost unrecognizable. She had lost the caps on her front teeth, chopped off her long auburn hair, and swapped her Armani suit for a homeless man's dirty T-shirt and pants.

Kidder has bipolar disorder, a condition marked by alternating episodes of depression and mania. (The manic phase can produce psychotic symptoms as it did for Kidder.) Born in 1948 in Yellowknife, a mining town in Canada's Northwest Territory, she spent almost 20 years of her adult life seeking treatment. After her 1996 incident, Kidder realized the conventional therapies she was receiving weren't working.

That article was written years ago.... Kidder has been well with orthomolecular medicine for FOURTEEN YEARS. Here is an article about Kidder from 2008.

The actor downplays the time in 1996 when she went missing for three days in Los Angeles and was taken to a psychiatric ward when found dishevelled, dazed and fearful in a stranger's backyard.
"If I were a cancer patient, I would today be considered cured," said Kidder, once diagnosed with bipolar disorder. "I haven't had an episode in 14 years."
Food allergies, the environment, air and water pollution, toxins, a vitamin deficiency, drugs, lack of sleep, low blood sugar and gastrointestinal damage can cause emotional problems, she said.
"The list goes on. Such things can cause mood swings, delusions and even people hearing voices.
"The reality is that you can have 10 people with manic depression and they can have 10 causes that cause their symptoms.
"Pharmaceutical companies make millions of dollars, but are only interested in producing drugs that dampen symptoms."