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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Angel-faced monster': A case of Pyroluria?

From the DAILY MAIL:

'Angel-faced monster' - Boy, 8, hit teacher, set fire to family home, pushed his grandfather down stairs and tortured the dog

"Kieran was permanently excluded from Northbrook Primary School in Leyland last October.
Teachers wrote to his parents warning that his behaviour 'posed a serious threat to the welfare, health and safety of fellow pupils, staff and not least himself'.
He has since been attending a short-stay school where staff are trying to deal with his behavioural difficulties.
His diet has been changed and he has been treated with drugs for ADHD, but to no avail.
A Lancashire county council spokesman said its priority with young children with behavioural difficulties is 'always to support them to return to a mainstream setting as soon as possible'."

This sounds like a case of Pyroluria, also known as the Mauve Factor. It is a disorder that leads to a deficiencies of essential brain nutrients. Fortunately it is easy to correct.

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